About Me

Narashiman P - Hackster.io

Hi, I am Narashiman , a Mechatronic Engineer living in Bangalore, India. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering in 2016.

Occupation : Embedded Systems Engineer for an Autonomous Vehicle company.

Hobby : My hobby has been present occupation as it is because I liked electronics related things tinkering, debugging and product development since I was little. My other interests are Hydroponics, Control System design, Sensor Fusion, IoT.

Areas of Interests : My main focus is to leverage power of computation and solve problems in various fields like Precision Engineering, Autonomous Vehicles, Sensors and Control System, Internet of Things, Edge-computing and Hydroponics. Also I am a Mediocre Node.js and Python programmer.

Technical Area of Expertise : RTOS, LwIP, SMPS design, EMI/EMC compliance and CE compliance , High-Speed System Design, IoT system design, Signal Processing, Electromechanical System Design.

Have a look at my skills or connect with me on LinkedIn. I am always excited to do business with like minded people, lets discuss over coffee.